Architect Services in London and South East England

MP Architects LP is a medium-sized practice with a big expertise record in various areas of architectural work, design, build process, and such. Some of the strongest points of this practice are the friendly and professional service, creative and proactive approach to your deals and projects, and, most importantly, the delivered promise of quality.

The list of the services Martynpattie Architects LP offer are:

Barn Conversions

If you have an old, sensitive barn, the architects at MP can transform it and reinvigorate it back to its former self in no time. The architects pay close attention to detail, so you can opt between rebuilding, fixing, and upgrading your barn building.

New Housing

As a medium-sized architectural company, the MP architects have built quite a few residential houses so far. Quoting that ‘no project is too small or too unusual’, we find that these architects will give their best in order to make your dream house come to be. 


The RIBA commercial-design architect is usually a first choice for numerous business investors who embark on new business adventures. If you’re looking to erect buildings for your new office space, all you have to do is call up the MP architects and get the show on the road.

House Extensions

Do you happen to think that your home started to feel a bit too small, to narrow for comfort? The house extension service aims to help you enhance and improve your home’s appearance, increasing the dimensional space you’ll enjoy it.

This service can be used momentarily, or you can also start making plans for improving it at some later date in future.

Sports and Recreation

There are many reasons why you can consider erecting a sports & recreation facility. If you need a pool to relax in, a smaller sized stadium for your kids to play soccer, or a spa for your business, the MP architects are there for you.

The same goes for the commercial aspect. If you plan on making larger facilities to boost up your business, that’s something this architectural practice is proficient in as well.

3D Modelling & Visualisation  

The 3D Modelling services are based on the idea of getting the picture of what you want before the project starts. There are many benefits you could reap by using this service, and one of the most important ones is also the most obvious one – you’ll save a lot of money by simply deciding what you want when you see it in action.

The modeling and visualisation can be considered as pre-production stage – the project hasn’t officially started, but you’ll still get to see the end result in sort of a less material aspect (but real nonetheless), allowing for easier tweaks, customization, changes, and so forth. 

The good thing about this service is that it doesn’t cost too much, and it’s a sort of a ‘fail-safe’ for people who are not completely sure what type of building they want.

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