What to Expect When Making an Investment in Turkey for a Passport

Are you considering investing in Turkey and becoming a citizen? The process can seem overwhelming at first glance—but it’s actually quite straightforward. In this article, we’ll explain the investment requirements for Turkish citizenship, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.


The primary requirement for obtaining turkey citizenship is that you must make an eligible investment in Turkey. This investment can be in either (1) financial assets or (2) real estate. To qualify, your investment must meet certain criteria; these criteria are different depending on which type of asset you choose to invest in.

Financial Assets: To qualify for citizenship through investments in financial assets, your investment must include 50,000 USD worth of stocks or bonds issued by the government of Turkey or its public entities. In addition, you must also deposit 500,000 USD into a bank account located in Turkey and keep that money there for at least three years. It’s important to note that this money cannot be withdrawn during this three-year period—it must remain in the account until the end of the application process.

Real Estate: For investments in real estate, your purchase must include one dwelling unit with a minimum value of 250,000 USD or more within urban areas that are zoned as “residential” or “tourism projects”. Your purchase may also include up to three dwelling units with a minimum total value of 500,000 USD within urban areas that are zoned as “residential” or “tourism projects.” However, if your purchase includes more than one dwelling unit and their total value is less than 500,000 USD, then the total value of all units combined must equal at least 250,000 USD. Additionally, if the purchase includes more than one dwelling unit and their total value is greater than 500,000 USD, then each individual dwelling unit’s price should still exceed 250,000 USD.

Additional Requirements: In addition to making an eligible investment and keeping it intact for at least three years during the application process (if applicable), applicants will also need to provide proof of sufficient income/financial means (i.e., pension statements), health insurance coverage valid throughout Turkey (health insurance coverage costs vary depending on age and other factors), and documentation proving they have no criminal record either locally or internationally before applying. Additionally applicants will need to pass a Turkish language proficiency test prior to applying as well as demonstrate they have been living legally in Turkey for at least six months before submitting their application form. Lastly applicants will need to provide documents demonstrating proof of residence within Istanbul city limits when submitting their application form as well as go through an interview with government officials shortly afterwards if needed where they will discuss details regarding their eligibility status under both national law and international agreements respectively.

Conclusion: Investing in Turkey is a great way to become a citizen while simultaneously creating wealth—but it requires careful planning and understanding of all requirements ahead of time. We hope this article has provided some clarity on what those requirements are so that you can decide if investing in Turkish citizenship is right for you! Good luck!

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